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About Fowey Classic Car Show: – A germ of an idea grows legs………or wheels in this case.  

Dennis knocked on my car window in May 2021 and asked if I would like to show my Series 3 Landrover in the Fowey Classic Car Show, I replied, ‘I didn’t know there was one ‘yes he responded, you can help me put it on’. The idea had started before that conversation, but it was from this point that it started to materialise.   

 In November 2020 he had contacted the Regatta Committee with the idea, who had discussed similar ideas, Covid initially held up progress but in May 2021 it was full steam ahead for the first event that August, all be it a little rushed! 

Dennis had been thinking about holding a Car Show and Parade for a couple of years having seen the Holetown Carnival in Barbados, where there’s a car parade immediately before their similar style and size Carnival. (link…..YouTube, Mekkaman Holetown 2020 )  

In November 2020 Dennis approached Victoria from the Regatta Committee. “Spooky” she said, “as we had a similar idea”, and enthusiastically suggested the idea should be progressed through Regatta Committee. 

There was a delay in making progress because of Covid, however from April it was foot hard down on the accelerator for August, and while somewhat rushed the first year, 2021,  went ahead. 

 The first thoughts were to have around 30 or 40 interesting cars displayed at Squires Field on Wednesday afternoon, and later, to lead the Regatta carnival, interest was higher than originally though and became a larger event. 

Richard Jeffery joined the team and three merry men went to work to hold the first Fowey Classic car show and parade on the 18
th August 2021. The Fowey academy very kindly allowed us to hold the show on their school field, Jon Rolls & Paul Smith have made an enormous difference to the show with his unwavering help & support, an unsung hero! I mustn’t forget to mention the marshals who helped on the day and in particular my buddy Johnnie Coppard who has made the journey from London to provide assistance in setting up and organising all shows to date. 

The 2021 show was a resounding success with 110 vehicles attending followed by a parade through the town with 60 cars. The streets lined with hundreds of cheering spectators. 


2022 (17th August) saw numbers double with 220 vehicles apply to join the show & over 120 cars parading a longer route, this time with thousands cheering as we drove through the town. Our team had expanded with Ricard Clay and Richard Mitchell joining to give support. We also received sponsorship from Charles Stanley which provided high quality rally plates for all attendees. Excellent catering was provided by The Q Street café in Lostwithiel, Chip Hop fish and chips, The Fowey Gig Club for burgers and the very special Ice cream trike. 

 2023 saw numbers above our expectation with 335 registering for the show and 200 in the parade, Our team has expanded and now comprises: – Dennis Espley (Chairman), Richard Jeffery, Richard Clay, Richard Mitchell, Andy Seal, Johnnie Hards and Ian Fairweather. with great assistance from Shahad Choudhury and Martin Paliesek on the technical front.

With thanks to Sponsors Charles Stanley & IMERYS

2024 will see us move to the Thursday 22nd August with a bigger show

Fowey Classic car Show is a voluntary organisation, part of the Fowey Royal Regatta week


Regatta Week 18th - 24th August 2024
one of the country's best loved Regatta's

Events including:- Raft racing, Swimming events, Carnival parade,

full sailing agenda, Gig racing to crabbing on the pontoon

Amazing Firework or laser display 

giant Pasty and pasty eating competition


Car Show & Parade 2.30pm 22nd August

Our team

Dennis Espley


Keeps us all in order

Richard Jeffery


Sailing is another option


Richard Clay


Always on time and like clockwork

& generous Awards sponsor

Richard Mitchell


Wild swimmer and Entrepreneur


Andy Seal

Volunteer & Bike Enthusiast

Scrambles for his fresh pastry every morning


Johnnie Hards


Bus driver & Fowey Lover.


Ian Fairweather


Building the future


Alan Giles

Town Crier

The voice of Fowey

1. web6

Martin Paliesek
& Shahad Choudhury

Web Designer

Tech Geniuses


  • Jon Rolls and the Fowey River Academy
  • Austen Bannister for photos.
  • Gretchen Viehmann@ Hissing vulture for Photos and video
  • Kernow Viddy, see YouTube Fowey Classic car
  • John Stewart and Charles Stanley sponsors
  • Alan Giles. Our excellent Town crier
  • The judges Mike @ Southern cars, John Stewart & Robert Lynex,
  • Jeff Pitt for posters and artwork
  • Martin Paliesek & Shahad Choudhury For the excellent Web design and build

All that helped us put this show on